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Visit to the Morgan car factory

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We had a very pleasant visit to Malvern and the factory. After a certain amount of research on the internet we decided to stay at the Cotford Hotel. The rooms have a certain old fashioned charm and are quite comfortable. Barbara was very attentive and helpful with a small travel requirement. The restaurant is nothing less than superb, Chris is simply a genius in the kitchen and the staff are attentive and give service with a smile.

We arrived a little late for our appointment at the factory and as we drove in the gate we saw a Plus 4 in exactly the colours we had thought of buying. We both said “look they have our car ready for us!”

As it turned out that was the car we were to take for a test drive and in due course we exited the factory gate and headed towards Ledbury. We were lucky with both the weather and the traffic and were able to drive with the hood down in warm sunshine and were able to get along at a reasonably smart pace. Following a short walk around Ledbury we somewhat reluctantly headed back to surrender the car.

My impressions: I found the ride much more comfortable than that of my friends 4/4 and I liked the extra power and torque. In general terms I liked the handling and the steering response. The car has a pleasant exhaust note and at 50 mph the total noise, engine, road, wind etc., did not present any problems to conversation. On the negative side I am not entirely comfortable with the resistance (return spring pressure?) and the length of travel of the brake pedal. I guess that is something I will get used to.

After returning to the factory we tagged on to the next factory tour and very much enjoyed our visit. We took the opportunity to ask questions about some of the cars we saw in production. Morgan must have the most enthusiastic staff of any automotive factory in the world and we always received a willing response with a smile.

At the end of the day, after many discussions about colour choices, we decided to order the following car and options:

Morgan Plus 4 (LHD)
Colour Sports Ivory
Leather upholstery in Mulberry
Reclining Sports Seats
Mohair hood in Maroon
Walnut dashboard
Air conditioning
Elasticated door pockets
Map reading light
Radio CD inc. speakers etc
Spare wheel cover
4 Tread rubbers
Luggage rack
Digital photo build book
Battery conditioner
Webflex car cover (outdoor / indoor use)

I am undecided about sun visors and a little unsure whether to stay with the 4 tread rubbers or have no tread rubbers at all for that clean look. We have, and still are thinking of an alternative of interior trim in Saddle Brown with a black hood (the brown mohair unfortunately does not match any of the leather choices).

I have to say that we like the classic look of the colours we have chosen but also feel we are being a little unadventurous for what is essentially an adventurous car. Two other options considered are blue with beige upholstery or a deep metallic burgundy which also looks good with beige upholstery. Unfortunately a beige hood, whilst looking nice, would be very difficult to keep clean.

We are expecting to take delivery at the end of February or in the first week of March so we have time to change our minds on colours or refine our choices a little.

The drive home to Lake Como will be something to look forward to during the cold winter months.

Sorry about such a long post. I hope some find it interesting. Any and all comments greatly appreciated.







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