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Bikes for sale

Below are the photos of the bikes we have for sale. Please contact me if anything is interesting to you.

Burma Road

A couple of items regarding the Ledo/Burma Road where my father was posted during the war. He was still in Burma when the war ended.

Morgan factory visit and test drive

Morgan factory visit and test drive October 2011

Domenica 14 Marzo

A relaxing afternoon near Bellano on Lake Como.

Duilio Agostini

The included photos of Dulio Agostini are mainly from the Isle of Man TT but some are from other events.

Sorry about the watermarks but you know how it is. Too many people have made copies of photos to sell on Ebay!!!

Thanks to Bill Snelling for the permision to publish his Isle of Man photos.

Le foto di Dulio Agostini sono state scattate pricipalmente all'Isola di Man TT, alcune si riferiscono ad altri eventi.

Spiacenti per i watermarks ma sapete com' è. Troppa gente ha fatto copie di foto per venderle su Ebay!!!

Grazie a Bill Snelling per la gentile concessione alla pubblicazione delle foto Isola di Man di sua proprieta.

If you would like to purchase any of the Isle of Man photos please contact

Bill Snelling Email:-


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